Want to carve out a career for yourself in the marketing field? Then this blog is for you!

Want to carve out a career for yourself in the marketing field? Then this blog is for you!

The number students opting for marketing as their career option is increasing every year, and along with it is increasing the number of students choosing to go for marketing assignment help from the internet.

What is the primary reason for this increase?

The primary reason for this rapid rise is the same as with other subjects – the salary package that they are going to get after they graduate from their colleges.

So, let us run a quick overview of the marketing salaries before getting into further details –

It is nothing new but it is still worth mentioning that marketing salaries just like salaries in any other profession vary from time to time.

Different specialties within the marketing discipline have a different salary structure and the difference between any two can be vast, to say the least.

But why go for specialization?

Because of the aforementioned reason!!

However, here is an example to help you understand the difference better:
There have been instances where a graduate specializing in a particular field in marketing can earn double the amount than that of his or her peer in the college who specialized in another discipline within the marketing domain.

Moreover, specializing in a field helps in boosting your marketing degree salary manifold and that also when you are at the mid-level of your marketing career.

Just like a general brand manager is bound to get at least $5000 to $6000 less than the person who is a package design manager, even though package designing is a part of a brand manager’s job description.

But having said that, the in-hand salary of a senior marketing professional is only the tip of the iceberg.

Company perks, bonuses, benefits, and stock options increase their basic salary by at least 10% to 12%, at the very least.

Given below is a list of the annual median salary packages of marketing professionals of different disciplines:

Marketing Career & Median Annual Salary

Marketing Specialist – $62,540

Marketing Research Analyst – $62,560

Advertising Manager – $100,810

Public Relations Manager – $120,420

Marketing Manager – $131,180

So, you can very well understand why students around the globe are going for online assistance like marketing assignment for college students.

They are doing it so that they can pass their tests with flying colors and join a marketing firm and get an enviable salary package from their respective firms.

And what about the earning potential of a marketing professional?

The calculation is extremely simple, and it is the same, just like for all other careers. The more the number of degrees you possess, the higher will your salary be!!

A normal graduate with a bachelor’s degree can earn up to a maximum of $2,000 to $6,000 or even more on an annual basis in earning potential.
However, a person with an MBA degree can expect to add another $8,000 to $12,000 to the amounts mentioned above.

But it also needs to be said that a person with an MBA degree usually starts out as a higher-level management employee with much more responsibilities and duties, a prime reason for which they get paid higher salaries.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the upper 10% of marketing managers earn more than $208,000, just like the managers in advertising and promotions.

They also reported that market research analysts in the top 10% made more than $121,720.

The demand for consummate marketing professionals:

As far as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) goes, the demand for marketing experts is going to increase in 2019 and also in the coming years, just as it is going to be the case with all other professions.

However, this growth in the number of jobs will vary as per the area in which you want to specialize in, and the place where you are working.

Just for example:

Newspaper publishing which is considered to be one of the largest employers of advertising managers is showing signs of decline. While, at the same time, electronic media outlets are going to see unprecedented growth in terms of employment.

Job growth for the marketing field:

Let us now take a quick glimpse at how marketing jobs compare from the perspective of job growth:

Job outlook comparison for the next decade:

• Advertising Management – 9%, a little faster than the average.
• Sales Management – 7%, at the same rate as the average.
• Marketing Management – 10%, faster than the average.
• Public Relations Management – 8%, as fast as the average.
• Market Research Analyst – 23%, which is much faster than the average.

What is the competition that one can expect in a marketing job?

Well, there is competition that one has to face up to no matter what profession you go into. However, the competition in the marketing field is a little bit more intense as the number of students opting for a career in this field is increasing a drastic rate every year.

Also, there was a time when one could get a job in this field only by acquiring a bachelor’s degree. But with the changing times, employers are now preferring candidates with a master’s degree or even with an MBA degree.

In some marketing fields holding a master’s degree is slowly becoming mandatory, like for the post of a marketing research analyst.

Whereas, advertising managers have to be technically sound about the digital world in order to be selected for the post. Given below is a list of some of the companies that hire marketing experts and professionals:

Sales Managers

• Car dealers
• Computer Systems Design
• Enterprises and companies
• Wholesale Electronic Markets

Marketing Management

• Companies and enterprises
• Advertising and Public Relations
• Computer Systems Design
• Insurance and finance companies
• Management, Scientific, and Consulting Services

Promotions Management

• Advertising
• Public Relations
• Companies and enterprises
• Newspaper, book, periodical, and directory publishers
• T.V. and Radio Broadcasting

Hence, as we can see from the above information if you want a stable and high-paying job, then marketing might just be the field you should go for.

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