Marketing is creative in nature and creativity is everywhere, Let us see how!

Marketing is creative in nature and creativity is everywhere, Let us see how!

The term marketing comprises different strategies set by a business organization for the promotion of the products or its services.

It is usually inclined towards the target audience in a way so that the customers can easily avail the products and services without any kind of hesitation.

The promotions and the advertisements cover only a small portion of the marketing as marketing includes analysis of the customer, market sales, the structure of the price of the products or services.

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You can’t say marketing happens in marketing now. Marketing should be happening in every single place in a company ~ Brian Mulcahy

We all know that Marketing is done by everybody in the whole world including even the people who are unaware of the marketing term.

Let’s take a hypothetical example:

Suppose an artist records a music video on his own, he looks out for sharing his music video among his friends, family, relatives and the people who are acquainted with the artist’s talent.

In order to share the music video with his people, the artist needs to find ways to make his music video promoted through the social media pages.

The promotion could be done with the help of advertisements or attractive posts so that it reaches the people easily.

It might also happen, that some of the people are not on social media.

What should the artist do now?

Yes, the answer to this question is that the artist should try to talk to them in person.

He can also try to convince his target audience that his content is above the mark through different strategies like campaigning, or bringing out the creative ideas like making posters, hosting certain shows and many more.

In this way, the artist can succeed in communicating, delivering and exchanging ideas

Since almost everyone has an account in all kinds of social media pages so in today’s generation marketing is not a tough process but surely it is a hard working process.

According to Linda Naiman who is a founder of Creativity at work, creativity is one of the key factors in marketing.

The word creativity involves two processes that is thinking and producing.

These two processes are very much important to complete the creativity procedures before producing.

The idea which turns imagination into reality is called creativity and in marketing, and that creativity is processed through advertising, sales promotion and maintaining public relations.

How creative marketing is done? Does it break the fourth wall?

Marketing is not just “another brick in the wall.” It is a compilation of all the strategies and demands mixed together to form a great wall but not as a barrier but one of the walls of success.

Creativity, as explained above, is one of the essential fragment of marketing so to make the marketing term more significant for any product or service, creative marketing is very much necessary.

Creative marketing is the procedure of selling the products or rendering services through the use of creative talent such as painting, designing, making music, architecture.

Since the Industrial Revolution was a period of major industrialization in early 1820, the way to sell the products through inspiring methods paved the way for newer and innovative experiences.

They are as follows:

Branding is involved in wrapping the products or services.

The process is generally carried out in creating a unique name in such a way so that whenever a certain consumer thinks of that name, the image of the product flashes in the consumer’s mind.

Branding generally attracts and retains the consumers who are loyal to that specific company.

Promotion is a type of creative marketing which includes a lot of creative talents like the designers, photographers, copywriters, videographers or the advertisers to promote a certain brand of the products and services.

The copywriters and the advertisers make sure that proper creative jingle is composed followed by attractive catch lines, captions, and logos so that it creates a very good impact on the consumers.

Promotion of the products and the services are very important.

Let us go through one of the examples of few attractive and catchy punch lines which helped in the growth of the marketing process of the products.

“Quality never goes out of style.” (Levi’s, 1985)

The jeans company produced by the Levi Strauss and Company use this attractive catchphrase in various television advertisements, newspapers, thereby making it one of the most enduring and attractive advertising catch lines of all time.

The company is mainly known for its long-lasting and durable jeans, and as mentioned in the small catchphrase the slogan is still going strong along with the products.

As we know that the fourth wall is described as the space that generally distinguishes or separates the performance from an audience or the people so breaking the wall makes the audience react or communicate with the performer.

Social media is one of the most important ways for the marketers to get through this wall and break it so that the consumers get to react with the marketers and also get to give the reviews at the same time.

Is marketing only commercial?

The term marketing may not involve the means of commercial purpose as marketing is not inclined to selling.

It has been found that some companies get confused between the two terms that is marketing and selling.

The main motive of the marketing for any product and service is done to make the sales better. Marketing is all about making the consumers buy a particular product or acquiring the service through creative strategies.

Since selling is a one to one interaction, marketing caters to various analysis, researching and many more.

How does online service benefit students?

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