Top 10 Best Marketing Colleges In USA

Top 10 Best Marketing Colleges In USA

The notion of marketing also has evolved from its earlier ideas and the concepts with the transfiguration of technology in this interconnected world.

This results in a great change in the marketing degree program.

Some specializations have been launched in various degree course programs in marketing both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

This evolution in the marketing field helps the students to acquire more relevant experience in all the marketing segments.

“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master.”

Marketing is all about selling and promoting several products to accomplish some specific goals.

The primary marketing strategies of an organization include Targeting, Segmentation, and Promotion.

The students pursuing Marketing course, have to include all these marketing strategies in their assigned project.

A supreme quality assignment is instrumental for securing excellent marks in both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Hence, you may need to seek marketing assignment help from reliable external sources like Marketing Assignment Helper.

Unfortunately, most of the eligible and qualified students cannot make their way to their dream business schools.

They fail to achieve a marketing degree due to the towering session charge and semester fees.

Here, check out the list of 10 best marketing colleges in the USA where you can study at an affordable cost.

1. Texas A & M University-College Station ( College Station, Texas)

The May Business School situated at Texas A & M University College Station organizes Bachelor degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) program giving preference in Marketing.

Students pursuing this degree are welcome to choose among some tracks namely Professional Selling, Advertising Strategy, Analytics and Consulting, Retail Buying and Management and Sales Management.

May Business school additionally offer a Master degree in Marketing (MS-Marketing). Learners who accept this program automatically show their interest in departmental scholarship and a graduate assistantship.

The college also offers a PhD. degree in Business Administration program where the pupils can choose Marketing as the major.

The program gives an opportunity to the students of selecting either the Consumer Behavior Track or the Quantitative Track.

2. University of Minnesota-Duluth (Duluth, Minnesota)

The Department of Marketing is an integral part of the Labovitz School of Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

The learners can pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at this university. They can choose a major from the following subjects- Marketing Analytics, Marketing, and Graphic Design and Marketing.

A marketing degree course helps you to grasp an extensive knowledge of consumer behavior. You can also learn to construct and implement the strategies. You cannot interface with their target markets without leaning these two things.

Securing a degree in marketing can immensely help you to develop an admiration for the global and ethical dimension of marketing.

3. Rutgers University- (Newark, New Jersey)

Rutgers University comprises three campuses that offer Bachelors degree of science in the Marketing domain. Camden campus offers international marketing course including an abroad study trip.

In Rutgers Business School situated in New Brunswick, the MBA students can engage in pursuing marketing research insights and analytics.

This business school also conducts Ph.D. in Marketing for the learners who want to get entrusted with higher studies and research in this field.

It is a hub for 20 business research centers that includes the Center for Market Advantage and the Center for Marketing Research etc.

4. The University of Illinois at Chicago( Chicago, Illinois)

Marketing students can register their names for the UIC Business Scholars program. This program associates them with the faculty mentors, grants them for availing special events and provides approximately $5,000 for an annual scholarship.

MBA students who have achieved higher grades can qualify for the Liquated Scholars program. They can also win the chance of getting with free tuition.

The PhD. degree in Business Administration highlighting Marketing subject provides assistantship positions to all the students along with the scheme of free tuition and a stipend.

5. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

The Carlson School of Management is a part of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. This management school regulates a BSB (Bachelor of Science in Business) program where the pupils can take Marketing as their major or minor.

The school also conducts MBA program offering specialization in Marketing. MBA students who select Marketing as their interesting primary area can organize their coursework.

They undertake a selection according to one of the following tracks: Brand Management, Marketing Management, and Marketing Research.

It also has a PhD. in Business Management program with special emphasize on Marketing.

6. Rutgers University ( Camden, New Jersey)

The Business School at Rutgers University conducts an undergraduate degree program in marketing. Added to that, This College also offers a Master of Business Administration degree and Marketing would be its central focus.

Promoting majors complete 12 business-oriented courses in subjects including operations management, accounting, business law, management skills, and applied mathematics strategies.

Marketing is also are mandatory to accomplish 3 core promoting courses and 4 marketing electives. The M.B.A. course may be a 60-credit program as it may be fulfilled on a full or part-time basis.

7. Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, New York)

The admitted students in Stony Brook University have the option of choosing marketing in BSB degree. They can opt for this subject as their major if it is their crux of interest. As a result, they want to do specialization in this domain.

This program polishes the students for a wide range of professional and managerial job opportunities in certain fields.

Departments of Public relations, Marketing Research, Business development, and product management are always open for Marketing students.

8. Winona State University (Winona, Minnesota)

The College of Business in Winona State University regulates BSM program that means Bachelor of Science in Marketing. BSM pursuers can select Professional selling as their minor.

The Department of Marketing in this university also gives permission to the eligible non-BSM students to take marketing as minor.

The students who can qualify marketing major are eligible for Helen B. Imm and Kujak Transport, Golden Espy Scholarship and Inc Scholarship.
The pupils who have ‘Professional Selling’ in their minor, can apply to get Michael Garvey Professional Selling Scholarship.

9. Castleton University ( Castleton, Vermont)

Marketing is one of the most demanding academic disciplines conducted for students in the Business Administration curriculum at Castleton University.

Marketing majors take 24 credits in marketing classes covering marketing research, consumer behavior, and social media marketing and 40 credits in the core business courses.

Students can involve in a paid or an unpaid internship so that they can increase their chance to receive academic credit.

The Business Administration Department provides many scholarships annually and hosts career fairs and guest speakers for the welfare of the students.

10. Midwestern State University (Texas)

Under Midwestern State University, the Dillard College of Business Administration offers BSM, i.e., Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

The course needs the learners to complete 30 credits in marketing class work as well as a number of 27 credits in the professional business core.

The students can also acquire practical experience performing in an internship implemented by Dillard College.

The college operates about 20 named scholarships. Marketing students can apply for several awards like the W.J. Thomas Memorial scholarship that is presented for motivation and need.

The two obstacles to earn a marketing degree are the complicated assignments and the admission fees of the universities.

Firstly, there are many online platforms to get help with marketing assignment in the USA.

Secondly, this list of 10 universities in the USA will help you out to choose your dream college. No doubt the nominated ten colleges are quite affordable places to pursue your long-cherished marketing course.

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